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What should be paid attention to in the use of injection mold

The quality of injection mold directly determines the product quality, performance and production efficiency of injection molded parts. Therefore, in the process of injection molding, it is necessary to pay attention to the production status of injection mold, so as to avoid the problem can not be solved in time and affect the quality of injection products.
Injection molding parts processing
1. Check the condition of injection mould in time
If in the process of using the engineering plastic mold, some abnormal […]

What is the function of injection toner

Injection molding factory in the production of products, injection molding process, need to add toner, so what is the role of adding toner? What should be paid attention to when adding, so as not to affect the quality of injection molded parts.
Injection molding parts processing
1、 Why add toner to injection molding
Plastic Toner is a kind of industrial material. To understand it simply, it can make all kinds of plastic products into any kind of color products.
At present, it is […]

How to judge the quality of injection molded parts

Injection molding products are now everywhere in our life. There are precision injection molding parts and ordinary quality injection molding parts. Injection molding products will become more and more popular in the future. How to judge the quality of injection molded parts? The editor of injection molding manufacturers shares the following.
Injection molding parts processing
1. Dimensions of injection molded parts
In the production and processing of injection molded parts, the size must be consistent with the design drawing, and the accuracy […]

Is the injection product cracked again? This article teaches you to deal with cracking easily

In our injection molding, due to various factors, we often see some uncomfortable cracking after molding, which often makes us feel headache. So today, let’s talk about how to deal with the cracking of plastic parts.
Cracking includes filamentous cracks, microcracks, white top, surface cracking of parts, or trauma crisis caused by sticking parts and flow channels. According to the different cracking time, cracking can be divided into demoulding cracking and application cracking. There are three main reasons
Processing reason:
(1) If […]

How to prevent shrinkage fluctuation of precision injection molding products?

Precision injection molding must be based on the premise that the mold can be made according to the required size. However, even if the mold size is fixed, the actual size of the product varies with the actual shrinkage. Therefore, the control of shrinkage rate is very important in precision injection molding.
Whether the mold design is appropriate or not determines the shrinkage rate, which also varies with different resin batches. If the pigment is changed, the shrinkage rate will […]

Suggestions on the installation of injection mold

1. Preparation before installation
Confirm the cooling water channel, and the screw depth into the machine plate is 1.5-1.8 times of the screw diameter. If the screw is not enough, it is easy to slide the teeth, and there is a risk of mold falling. Confirm whether the operators, materials, tools, documents, equipment and auxiliary equipment required for production are complete.
2. Method of lifting formwork
When the hanging die is not horizontal, there will be segment difference between the front and […]

Customized processing of plastic injection mold for Automoblie roulette

The automobile industry has developed rapidly in the past ten years, and more and more new products have entered the market, such as new energy vehicles. A large number of automatic parts are made of plastic. As a new material of automobile parts, plastic parts can reduce the weight of automobile and save energy, so they are widely used in automobile industry. This means that a large number of plastic injection molds are needed to produce the required plastic […]

Advantage manufacturer of transparent plastic injection molding — roulette

Transparent plastic products have strict requirements on the appearance of the products, which need to maintain the penetration rate of the products. Therefore, the surface of the products should not have any defects such as stripes, pores, whitening, haze, black spots, discoloration and poor gloss. So in the whole process of injection molding, there are very strict requirements for raw materials, molding equipment and injection mold.
In order to produce the best transparent parts, roulette not only achieves fine production […]

Delamination and peeling of injection molding

The causes of delamination and peeling in injection molding products are as follows
Material temperature is too low, injection mold temperature is too low, screw speed is too fast, resulting in internal stress.
The cold material hole is small, the fluidity is poor, and the material is cooled too fast.
The holding pressure is low and the back pressure is too low.
The raw material is mixed with impurities.
Release method:
Increase the material temperature, die temperature, reduce the shear force of melt flow, reduce […]

Shenzhen small batch injection molding manufacturers choose roulette

With the continuous shortening of product renewal cycle, small batch production of plastic parts is increasing. In addition, small batch production of plastic parts is also needed in product testing. In order to meet the needs of small batch production, a variety of injection mold suitable for small batch production came into being.
As a 15 year injection mold manufacturer, roulette established injection molding department in early 2010 to meet market demand, and purchased new Haitian injection molding machines with […]

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